How to Screenshot

How to take a screenshot on Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch has native screenshot capability, including sharing to social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.


When in game, press the square Capture button on the left Joy-Con.

If you are using a Nintendo Switch Lite, the button will be at the bottom left of the console.


Your screenshot can be found in your Album.

Extra: USB

You can transfer your Switch screenshots to a computer via a USB cable:

  1. From the Switch's home menu, select Settings, Data Management, Manage Screenshots & Videos
  2. Select Copy to a Computer via USB Connection
  3. Connect your Switch directly to a computer (not via a dock)
  4. Choose which screenshots to transfer

For further details, see Nintendo's documentation. It is also possible to transfer screenshots by using a microSD memory card.

Extra: Smart Device

You can transfer your screenshots to a smart device (phone, tablet) wirelessly:

  1. Select a screenshot from the Album
  2. Choose Sharing and Editing, then Send to Smartphone
    You can transfer Only This One or select more to Send a Batch
  3. The Switch will display a QR code for you to scan using the camera on your other device.

Once the device connects, your Switch will send the selected screenshot(s) to it. For more information, see Nintendo's instructions.